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World's largest selection of  Canopies, Tarps, and Fittings 
with quality,  competitive  price, and reliable and prompt service.


Company  Name:

Wonlim International


14350-300 Garfield Ave, Paramount, CA 90723, USA


1-800-637-8277  562-634-8035
Fax: 562-634-1329
  E-Mail: duratarp2@pacbell.net   
Website: www.duratarp.com
  Established: May 1985 in Glendale, California. d.b.a. Wonlim International
Business: Import, Export & Distribute for Tarpaulins, Canopy and Tent Parts
and related Merchandises to the dealers in U.S.A., Canada, Mexico,
Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Australia
Supply Sources: Local Manufacturers, Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia
Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.
Buyers: Warehouse Clubs, Hardware Stores,  Flea Markets, Tele marketers, On-Line Dealers....
Business Opportunity: Potential Reseller, you are welcome to request for Price List and
  Printed Information by duratarp2@pacbell.net, Fax, or Toll Free number 1-800-637-8277.
Delivery and Shipping We do same day shipping and have better rate because of preferred status with UPS, and
  have substantial discounted rate with major trucking company.
                         Individual Buyers: We deal with  the reseller only in quantity base. If your are interested in our products,
please call us at 1-800-637-8277, e-mail to
duratarp2@pacbell.net or fax us for the dealers' information  near you.
Copyright©2001 All rights reserved, Wonlim International, 14350 Garfield Ave., Paramount, CA 90723, 
reproduction, or redistribution of any material contained in the duratarp.com area 
in whole or in part or in any medium or form is prohibited without express permission. 
Permission to use duratarp.com material is granted on a case by case basis.
DuraTarp and DuraFits are registered trademarks for Wonlim International

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