Size:    8x8,   10x10,    10x15,   10x20   
                        Color:   Blue,  White,  Red, Green, Yellow

NEW DESIGN Our Gable type Quiki-Up folding canopies are specially designed for spaciousness. The frame of the canopy has a very unique design with an international patent for it. 

SPACIOUS Canopies are built with an "inside-out plan" that achieves spaciousness without sacrificing roof strength. 

STRONG All the joints are made of welded steel, and connecting nuts and bolts are heavy -duty commercial grade. All metal ends are covered with molded plastic caps and the frame surface is protected from rust or scratch by its galvanized treatment.

All metal ends are covered with molded plastic caps, and the frame surface is protected from rust or scratch by its galvanized treatment..

Canopy top is made of polyester 500 denier, water proof and flame retardant treated, and four corners are reinforced with additional patch.
The angle of the top is steep enough to drain off rain and stretched firm to give it a neat look.

CONVENIENCE The exceptionally strong frame is easy to set up and very compact in it 5ft tall, folded state. Our foldable canopies can be conveniently carried and are perfect for many outdoor needs, such as art & craft shows, sports events, outdoor wedding ceremony, picnics trade shows, garden party, instant car shelter, beach shelter, flea market canopies, and so much more!

 In spite of heavy duty construction of the canopies and spacious design, the prices are very reasonable and affordable compare to other top of the line pop-up canopies.

ACCESSORIES & PARTS: Accessories to the canopy are 10.5" tent stakes,12' ropes, a cover bag for storage. Optional accessories are available in weight bag and side walls.
Quiki-Up parts are available in separate items.


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